Thank you for giving us your
move out notice as required by US Postal.
We won't accept any other process.

Texting is for maintenance requests
and minor communications only,
not move out notices.

Move out notices have to be in writing,
and it becomes an exhibit to the lease,
it's part of the lease and that is why it needs
to be US postal, not text or email.
So please make sure it US Postal,
as stated in the lease, we go by
the lease not outside of the lease.
The lease over rides everything.

Below, please find the move out process,
its tenant pass code protected.
We will provide you with that code
once we receive the notice to
move by US Postal or it may have been
given before you sent notice to move by US postal.

We want to thank you for your stay,
thank you so much for
the relationship created.

At the end of the video, be sure
to click on the link inside video
frame to continue
with the moveout process.