Thank you for giving us your
move out notice as required by instructions in the lease.

Texting is for maintenance requests
and minor communications only,
not move out notices.

Move out notices have to be in writing,
and it becomes an attachment, addendum or exhibit to the lease,
it's part of the lease and that is why it needs
to be US postal, or delivered for proof of service, not text or email, please go by what the lease states.

or other method proving service of notice, not email.

We go by the lease not outside of the lease.
The lease over rides everything.

Below, please find the move out process,
its tenant pass code protected.
We will provide you with that code
once we receive the notice to
move by US Postal or it may have been
given before you sent notice to move.

We want to thank you for your stay,
thank you so much for
the relationship created.

At the end of the video, be sure
to click on the link
"inside video
to continue
with the moveout process.

If we use our cleaners it will be costly, why.... it has to be cleaned right the first time. So please follow the process as outlined in all the links in

Here are a few videos of what tenants were charged on their deposits...

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It is cleaner now  then what it was at move in. Thats a common sound bite landlords hear all the time.
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More Videos, Click here


When the landlord gives you a notice
to end the lease

When the landlord gives you a notice to end the lease, there does not need to be a reason to end it, nor are you required to explain why you gave notice to move, it's just time to move and the landlord will not need a reason of why you are moving, its both ways. Think of this for fun, lets say that you gave proper notice to move, and I said, you're going to stay, I have rights to keep you in this apartment or home, I'm sure you'll agree, thats laughable! 

You are still required to pay rent during your stay and the security deposit can not be used for the last months rent. please review sub paragraph 13 and 14 of the lease.

When we give you notice to move it's usually a notice given by the sheriff, we do it this way for proof of service. there are other ways but most of the time the sheriff gives this notice. See your lease for proper notice. 

There are different 
tenancy types that need to be addresssed here. 
In our lease you'll notice two options 

you'll see two boxes about 1/4 from the top of the lease page

The first box is a definite period of time, an estate for years,
much like student housing. Tenant has to be out at the date stated, it can be years, months, weeks or even days. 

It always has a specific starting date and ending date. You are required to move out on that date, but if you decide to stay we as landlord and you as tenant will create a hold over, see sub paragrapg 18 of the lease.

There are times the second box is checked on the lease, that automatically turns into a month to month tenancy, and either party can give written notice to move provided resident stays a period of time. 

There are times we will use a Net Lease.
If this takes place we will reivew the details with you.
Every net lease is different.

What's the difference between an
notice to move
VS an eviction. 

There are times, when we give someone a notice to move and the tenant wants to stay and they fight for that right to stay, that fight would only apply with an eviction. There are several types of evictions under estate or tenancy at sufferance, you definitely don't want this type of notice from us, it can be painful for you, cost of 3 times the rent and attorney fees and pure hell, that's why its called tenancy at sufferance, someone will suffer.